Molière's TARTUFFE, an absolute masterpiece of the world's theatrical repertoire, returned to the scenes of the West End in a daring adaptation developed by the Oscar-winning writer Christopher Hampton.


Created by a team of acclaimed professionals with proven critical success, TARTUFFE is the first bilingual production in the history of the West End, and will alternate between English subtitled in French and French subtitled in English to advance narration. It is a major cultural event in the British theatrical agenda, which aims to promote and encourage Franco-English cultural dialogue.


UP Productions is working on a Canadian-American adaptation, in collaboration with Annick Lefebvre in the French version and Hannah Moscovitch in the English version. Gérald Garutti, the director of the original version, will also direct the Canadian adaptation.

Extract of the English version

TARTUFFE in London / credits


TARTUFFE, directed by Gérald Garutti. Text: Molière. Adaptation: Christopher Hampton.

CAST: Paul Anderson, Audrey Fleurot, Sebastian Roché, George Blagden, Vincent Winterhalter, Claude Perron, Sophie Duez, Annick Le Goff, Olivia Ross, Païkan Garutti, Nadia Cavelle, Jaz Deol, Zachary Fall & John Faulkner.

Theatre Royal Haymarket, London. 

Bilingual version French-English / Version bilingue français-anglais.



Director / Mise en scène : Gérald Garutti

Designer / Scénographie & costumes : Andrew D Edwards

Elmire’s Costums / Costumes d’Elmire : Julien Fournié

Composer / Musique : Laurent Petitgand

Lighting Design / Création lumières : Paul Anderson

Sound Design / Création sonore : David Gregory

Movement / Mouvemen: Liana Nyquist

Assistant Director / Assistante à la mise en scène : Zelda Bourquin

Artistic Advisor / Conseiller artistique : Païkan Garutti

Artistic Consultants / Consultants artistiques : Laurent Letrillard & Raphaël Joly

Casting Director / Directrice de casting : Lucy Rands



Lead Producer & General Manager / Producteur délégué : Oliver King

Co-producers / Co-producteurs : Lee Menzies, Guillaume Rambourg & David Chesner

Associate Producers / Producteurs associés : Alain Schibl, Justine Waddel, Woven Voices & Oleg Mirochnikov

General Management / Production déléguée : Wild Yak

Associate Company / Compagnie associée : Characteres



Cameramen / Cadreurs : Pierre Noguéras, Sam Kaperski & Pauline Maillet

Music / Musique : « Tartuffe, Final », Laurent Petitgand

Editing & Making of the Trailer / Montage et réalisation de la bande-annonce : Pierre Noguéras & Gerald Garutti

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