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Our partners. 
Discover the brands we work with. 


For over 25 years:


A private school offering complete professional training that is recognized for its innovative side in the field of personal care.


Asymmetry is a dance company founded and directed by Axelle Munezero, an international renowned dancer, choreographer and teacher. The company aims to showcase the artistry of Whacking (Waacking), using it as a tool to create unique piece of art. Lifting each member to develop their artistry. Based in Montreal, Canada & creating since 2017. We creates, shows, videos , events, dance workshops and much more.  Everything we create aim to share our passion for dance and our values of diversity and inclusion.


Our beers are alive. Sometimes they fly in the Laurentian Gulf, sometimes they stream in the sunny valleys. Brewed at home means organic brewed, brewed with family farms, brewed to defend innovative cultural initiatives. We lovingly reflect on the Quebec terroir to innovate. It is a language of land and sun that invents contemporary Quebec culture and agriculture. Exalted and curious.


Passenger of texts, the company C(h)aracteres seeks to place at the heart of its work the striking of meaning, the mark of the verb, the clash of languages, the imprint of the world, the body at work - a sign of life launched today to others.


A production, distribution and development structure, Horatio offers shows beyond any artistic frontier: in France and internationally. Theatre, Music, Dance, Visual shows, we defend demanding artistic proposals, for all places, for all audiences. With always this madness to make you travel...


At MBMC Music, it’s all about the collective and adding more brains to the mix. We make global music that connects several cultures and different perspectives. Our vision is to bring together creative minds coming from various music and cultural backgrounds with the aim to reinforce or develop a positive culture focused on empowerment and on a message that carries meaning, supported by a clear artistic vision. Our mission is to promote and make our artists shine internationally.


30 years in the making, Sarah Pacini continues to capture the attention of the women of the world with its innovative and distinctive style. With a philosophy that clothing should reflect the soul, this unique blend of knitwear, weaves and colour culminates in a collection that is ultra-feminine. Worn alone or combined with other styles, Sarah Pacini offers its clients a complete silhouette.

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