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Axelle Munezero, also known as Ebony, is an exceptionally talented artist. Dancer, choreographer and entrepreneur in the street dance world for more than 10 years, Beyond This Body / Beyond my body is her very first solo show and it is, for Axelle, a return to the source.

This work is the result of a deep desire to give voice to the dancer's body by analyzing her own journey and the various decisions that have led the artist until today, until today when she is there in front of spectators, ready to tell her story. This begins with her hasty departure from Burundi, the country where she was born, and then continues in Canada. Axelle feels the need to use the spoken word, to put words into her artistic choices. It emphasizes the uniqueness of bodies. She says that behind every body is a story and that each of those stories is worth hearing. She takes responsibility for her career and her success. She leaves behind the feeling of impostor and she moves forward as a black woman in the artistic world. With this solo, Axelle wishes to shed light on her personal story, but it is universal.

Beyond This Body is a 60 minute show. It is divided into 5 paintings, each representing a period in Axelle's life during which she discovered a new style of dance. On stage, she revisits each of these styles. Supported by her own words, she dances.

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Performed, danced and choreographed by Axelle “Ebony” Munezero

Direction by Véa

Lights design by Martin Sirois

Sound and music design by Frannie Holder

Produce by Productions UP

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