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OUR PRODUCTION - in development 



Productions UP is currently developing a bilingual Canadian adaptation of Molière's play Tartuffe, now entitled Elmire .

Annick Lefebvre and Johanna Nutter are developing the adaptation of the text in both languages (French and English) simultaneously. 

Gérald Garutti director, author and translator, is the initiator of a groundbreaking version of Tartuffe that was presented in London in 2018 at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, starring actress Audrey Fleurot and actor Paul Anderson.

This show is a bridge between Canada's linguistic communities and through its production we hope to showcase Canada's cultural richness and address critical social issues.


Extract of the London Version

TARTUFFE in London / credits


TARTUFFE, directed by Gérald Garutti. Text: Molière. Adaptation: Christopher Hampton.

CAST: Paul Anderson, Audrey Fleurot, Sebastian Roché, George Blagden, Vincent Winterhalter, Claude Perron, Sophie Duez, Annick Le Goff, Olivia Ross, Païkan Garutti, Nadia Cavelle, Jaz Deol, Zachary Fall & John Faulkner.

Theatre Royal Haymarket, London. 

Bilingual version French-English / Version bilingue français-anglais.



Director / Mise en scène : Gérald Garutti

Designer / Scénographie & costumes : Andrew D Edwards

Elmire’s Costums / Costumes d’Elmire : Julien Fournié

Composer / Musique : Laurent Petitgand

Lighting Design / Création lumières : Paul Anderson

Sound Design / Création sonore : David Gregory

Movement / Mouvemen: Liana Nyquist

Assistant Director / Assistante à la mise en scène : Zelda Bourquin

Artistic Advisor / Conseiller artistique : Païkan Garutti

Artistic Consultants / Consultants artistiques : Laurent Letrillard & Raphaël Joly

Casting Director / Directrice de casting : Lucy Rands



Lead Producer & General Manager / Producteur délégué : Oliver King

Co-producers / Co-producteurs : Lee Menzies, Guillaume Rambourg & David Chesner

Associate Producers / Producteurs associés : Alain Schibl, Justine Waddel, Woven Voices & Oleg Mirochnikov

General Management / Production déléguée : Wild Yak

Associate Company / Compagnie associée : Characteres



Cameramen / Cadreurs : Pierre Noguéras, Sam Kaperski & Pauline Maillet

Music / Musique : « Tartuffe, Final », Laurent Petitgand

Editing & Making of the Trailer / Montage et réalisation de la bande-annonce : Pierre Noguéras & Gerald Garutti

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