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eXa defies boundaries, resists with unwavering determination any label and embodies the essence of freedom. Fearlessly renewing herself, she symbolizes the epitome of an original badass. Surrendering to instinct, embracing sensuality, love, and adrenaline spikes, she rides the infinite cycle of life putting all those ventures into her music. She actualizes the envisioned future, a manifestation of dreams realized. Her melodies become inseparable companions, resonating long after they cease. 

When eXa was just a little one, she began to shape her singing by imitating her mom during their practice sessions. The world of music, especially her mom's melodious voice and the tunes of renowned divas, became her sanctuary. The incredible power and authenticity of her voice have a way of speaking directly to us. Whenever her melodies reach your ears, it's like a journey that can whisk you from happiness to wistfulness, guided by the emotions she shares and what resonates with you.

Hailing from Montreal, eXa is a gifted singer-songwriter who has illuminated the stage with her presence in more than 4000 shows. She actively participates in several co-writing projects. Since the beginning of the year, she has collaborated on sessions in Montreal, Toronto, Atlanta and Paris.


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