Originally from Montreal, Mattia Pironti has already left his mark in the world of the entertainment and music industry. His talent was first recognized in Israel, where he appeared on the hit TV show "The Voice of Israel". Then Mattia returned to Canada to volunteer with at-risk youth in northern Quebec. During her stay in Nunavik, Mattia continued to share her musical talent with the world by participating in numerous music festivals such as the Arctic Char Festival and the Akpik Jam Festival.


Shortly after, Mattia is accepted at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, which also grants him a scholarship for his studies. After completing them, Mattia decided to travel to Italy and performed in cities such as Florence and Rome, drawing crowds of up to 300 people! He spent over six months performing in front of crowds in restaurants, clubs and on the streets. He attributes his powerful stage presence to the months he spent abroad.


His first single, "Get Away", was released in 2017. It was then covered by Montreal's biggest English-speaking radio station: The Beat 92.5. Shortly after, he signed with Productions UP. Last winter Mattia released his latest single: How You Want to Be Loved with Sony Music Canada. The music video for this song was viewed more than 80K in just a few weeks!


Mattia is currently preparing his new EP! He is also working on a brand new show where his guitar and loop station will become one to make you dance and sing along to his songs.

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- LIVE SHOW 2021 -

Pictures from Lola Meunier Photography

TOUR 22-23

Live Show Production + booking

Productions UP started working with Mattia Pironti towards the end of 2019. They are now working on a new show for 2022-2023.



Producer: Maude Lafrance

Producer: Elodie Lorrain-Martin

Stage director: Véronique 'Véa' Bossé



Photoshoot Production

Productions UP did Mattia Pironti's latest photoshoot.


Producer: Maude Lafrance

Photographer: Élizabeth Delage

Artistic Direction: Véronique Bossé

Stylism: Raffiné