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Shortfilm featuring NESSA ROQUE



Love at first sight where everything starts in a room of the unknown. Nessa (Nessa Roque) meets her new love (Catherine Archambault) for the first time, you can feel the butterflies in their gaze until they both fall into vices! The spiral is deep and they can't get out of it! The situation worsens with alcohol and drug abuse, and then physical violence from two women whose healthy relationship has become a nightmare! Nessa finally decides to take matters into her own hands and leaves with the intention of finding herself.


Nessa Roque presents 

A MBMC Music production 

Executive producer : Productions

Produced by Productions UP

Directed by Véa

Starring Nessa Roque & Catherine Archambault

Screenplay by : Nessa Roque & Véa

Producers: Maude Lafrance & Véronique Bossé 

Creative director: Véa

Choreographer : Catherine Archambault (École de danse Rythme Waves)

Production coordinators: Lola Meunier, Krystina Dejean

Director of Photography: Kes Tagney

Camera operator: Phil Fortin

Assistant camera: Frédérik Giguère

Editing by : Pako Mamouni

Color grading: Hugo Mazo, Outpost Mtl

Online editing : Outpost Mtl

Original Score by King Luck & Garrett Beelow

Gaffer: Saad Abas

Grip: Wiliam Leroux, Charléli Simard

Head Makeup artist: Isabelle Falardeau

Assistant makeup artist: Kaylee Monaghan St-Denis

Head hair stylist: Veemi Tirvengadum Munian

Assistant hair stylists: Mauricio Jimenez Dosal

Stylist: Gabrielle Ohara Normandin

Stylist assistant: Marie-Luce Morin

Photographer: Lola Meunier 

Runner: Mathieu Lefebvre

Poster design : Jeremy Segal 

Song "I’ll Be A Fool"

Written by NessaRoque

Produced by Nessa Roque and Pako 

Song "Two of Us" 

Written by Nessa Roque 

Produced by Pako


Song "The Fight"  

Written by Nessa Roque and Eric Delage 

Produced by Eric Delage and Pako

Crédit : Ana Jovmir

Nessa Roque


Nessa Roque is a RnB Soul singer songwriter and producer with a story. A powerful voice with a colourful personality, Nessa Roque will make you cry and sing along all of her songs, if you have enough breath to follow her. She is the rightful heir to the Diva throne of global music. Her voice is extremely powerful, and her performances will touch you at the right place.


Nessa Roque is born.

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